2 Inner Illumination
with Alexandria Noble
What is Inner Illumination?

Everything in the Universe is ultimately energy. Science has shown the act of observing will effect the energy observed. With intention from the heart and mind working thru our high selves and the living organic white light of source we can change the patterns of expression in our Bodies and our Lives.  Together we focus on the deeper levels of the subconscious, Illuminating the Inner infinite potential of knowingness and unconditional love.  By clarifying the reflections from life we are able to recognise and enlighten our shadow selves from the experience. This brings us to full consciousness of true self in present time. To Activate and create balance between Heart and Mind, Femine and Masculine, Spirit and Matter. Flow in the Higher Frequencies of your I AM presence.

You are a Universe!
Are you seeking help on your journey?
Etheric Clearings with Alexandria
~Natural Healing Sessions~
What opportunities do clearings provide?

  • Opening and balancing the heart and mind, freeing us to express our full potential and purpose, and to live harmoniously in your Greater Being!
  • Clearing traumatic past and present life experiences allowing us to move forward with ease and clarity.
  • Releasing blocked energies and stuffed emotions relieves us of physical pain and dis-ease, moving us into a place of action vs. reaction.
  • Retrieving fragmented parts of self that have been lost, stolen, or given away, bringing us to a centered, balanced, place of wholness.
  • Transforming stuck patterns, old thought forms, and judgements, expands our understanding and gives us new perspectives.
  • Detaching from cording's, contracts, and agreements that we may or may not be aware of improves our relationship with ourselves and others.
  • Freeing ourselves from dark force interferance and fear based consciousness of the artificial matrix allows us to reach a higher level of discernment, truth and living.

We create and heal by natural law.

"When you are ready for expansion and to express higher levels of your being."​​
Why work with me?

Years of intense focus on personal clearing has enabled me to serve as an effective and compassionate facilitator for you in your clearing and healing process. I have found through clearing all the bodies, mental-emotional-physical-and etheric, of all that is not serving the highest good, and by getting to the original cause of imbalances and reoccuring dysfunctions we create new perspectives and understanding that allows a profound healing, resulting in positive changes that flow thru your life experience. I feel this healing experience is for those who are truly ready for positive changes and transformation into the light....being who you truly are.
~Alexandria Z. Noble
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Client Testimonials

"The energy work was new to me, I did not know what to expect. It felt like a deep spring house cleaning. Weight was lifted and it was like I was breathing fresh air. I felt so light, clear and organized on the inside. I felt a sence of freedom to move forward. I have also experienced some major physical healing in my sessions with Alexandria. I am on a path of recovery from near death with hepatitus C. I had lost a big portion of the quality of my life. I have gotten most of it back now. ​ This has been life changing and on going, and that is priceless!"  
D.D. Prior Lake, Mn.
"Having experienced many forms of healing I have yet to find anything as powerful as the work that Alexandria does. It has given me the ability to move quickly through emotional trauma that would have taken years. She has helped me find real joy and new levels of spirituality."
M.B. Prescott, Az.